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Online CME's: Continuing education. Anytime. Anywhere.

Let APAAAI help connect you to their latest conference lectures online. Learn best practices from renowned faculty through videos. The newfound knowledge and skills that you learn from these lectures will enable you to improve your practice and earn CME's. 

Members- $10 per lecture (Members must be logged in to receive the member price.)

Non-members- $20 per lecture

Each lecture equals one (1) CME hour.


Each lecture equals one (1) CME hour. Once the lecture is purchased, you will be sent a link, which will have a unique password in order to view the link. After you have completed the lecture, you will need to complete the survey. The survey must be completed and submitted in order to receive credit. AAI will be notified once the survey and the lecture have been completed and the CME certificate will be sent to you via email.

Online CME Lectures

EVALI & E-Cigarette Update - Brian King, PHD, MPH

Asthma Phenotypes - Nathanael Brady, DO

Urticaria Update - Nathanael Brady, DO

Rapid Fire Allergy/Asthma - Brian Bizik, PA-C 

The Hidden Allergens- Considerations for Medical Management in Food Allergic Patients - Nicole Soucy, PA-C

Prevention of Allergic Conditions: What Conversations to have with Expecting Parents- Michael Calvin, PA-C

The Food Allergy Patient: Allergy, Sensitivity, or Something Real - David Mangold, PA-C

Utilization of Component Testing - Jennifer Watson, NP

Contact Dermatitis - Elizabeth Gyorkos, PA-C

Gluten Related Disorders: It's not just gluten anymore. - Gabe Ortiz, PA-C

Literature Review: Important things you need to know from the past year.-Amanda Michaud, PA-C

Wet Wrap - Elizabeth Gyorkos, PA-C

Patch Testing - David Mangold, PA-C

A Comprehensive Review of Oral Immunotherapy- Tina Dominguez, PA-C

Evaluation & Treatment of Vocal Cord Dysfunction - Katherine Couture, Speech-Language Pathologist

PFT Interpretation - Nicole Soucy, PA-C

Difficult Cases - David Mangold, PA-C

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