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Please click on the link below. Each lecture equals one (1) CME hour. Once the lecture is purchased, you will be sent a link, which will expire within 24 hours of the time the lecture is received. After you have completed the lecture, you will be sent a survey. Once you have completed the survey, and it is emailed back to the AAI admin, the CME certificate will be sent to you via email.

Online CME Lectures

E-Cigarette Update- Dr. Brian King, PHD, MPH

ACOS Update- Brian Bizik, PA-C (1 pharmacology hour credit for NPs)

Pediatric Asthma- Mike Calvin, PA-C (1 pharmacology hour credit for NPs)

Anaphylaxis- Brian Bizik, PA-C (1 pharmacology hour credit for NPs)

Star Wars of the Body Besieged- Dr. Harry Hill

Yellow Zone Asthma- Mike Calvin, PA-C

Top 10 ENT Complaints- Jose Mercado, PA-C, MMS, DFAAPA, CPAAPA

Clinical Manifestation of AERD- Dr. Adam Williams

Health Literacy- Converting Communication Challenges into Effective Exchanges in Patient Care- Dr. Lenora Noroski, MD

ASA Desensitization- Dr. Adam Williams

Chronic Rhinitis Treatment Update-Cryosurgery- Jose Mercado, PA-C

CAP- Anju Jain, PA-C

Clinical Masqueraders: Immune Defect or Allergic Disease- Both or Neither? - Dr. Lenora Noroski, MD

Rashes that Mimic AD- Elizabeth Gyorkos, PA-C (1 pharmacology hour credit for NPs)

Myth-busting in the Allergy Practice- Amanda Michaud, MMS, PA-C

Mastocytosis- Dr. Adrian Casillas, MD-FAAAAI

Asthma Phenotypes & Markers- Amanda Michaud, MMS, PA-C

OIT- Mike Calvin, PA-C

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